We're a WiFi service that actually works with the software to make it truely special!

With Delion WiFi Hotspots you could set time limits, & data limits. Capture an email address from every single person that uses your WiFi service. Learn about your customers by gaining demographical information from them simply by categorising their activitiy on your WiFi service. Monetise your network, set users restrictions and much much more. Sound exciting?
We thought so!


WiFi Monetisation, Advertising & Marketing
Delion Wireless Cafe

You have probably spent a lot of money on your fitout and brand, right down to the menus. Your WiFi should also be your brand!

You can use the WiFi login page to collect information about your customers like their name and email address and see how often they return.

Build a database of your Cafe community and keep them informed or send an email to those loyal customers with a gift or special offer.

Costs and Setup for a WiFi Zone

For most Cafes, Pubs and Restaurants setting up the WiFi zone is quick and inexpensive.

$49.95 + GST per month includes your Delion Access Point and Controller Unit, branded login page, data collection, redirects and all the features of our standard service. No setup or installation Fee. Minimum 12 months Contract.

Keep in mind you will need an internet connection to power your WiFi Hotspot. If needed Delion also provides business grade ADSL services and we offer great bundles with unlimited data plans.

Delion WiFi Hotspot for Cafe

Delion has expertise in providing wireless solutions to Hotels, Motels, Apartments, Pubs, Cafes, Airports and other businesses right across Australia. Delion will get your WiFi working!

Delion can provide a free WiFi site evaluation. Talk to us to find out more!
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