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Bad WiFi is the number one reason guests leave negative ratings. Trust us, or google it!

With Delion WiFi Hotspots you could capture an email address from every single person that uses your WiFi service. Learn about your customers by gaining demographical information from guests and visitors simply by categorising their activity on you WiFi service. You could monitor operations such as staff movement around the hotel. Monetise your network, set users restrictions and much much more. Sound exciting? We thought so!


WiFi Monetisation and Operational Strategies
Delion Wireless Cafe

Offering a limited free amount of WiFi and then charging guests for High Speed or Unlimited WiFi access plans can offset the cost of delivering the WiFi system.

The Delion solution includes fully integrated payment pages including all major credit and debit cards.

Use WiFi to easily link your guests to Hotel services and 3rd party services like Airport Shuttles and Tours.

Flexible Options

CAPEX or OPEX business models.

Most Hotels today choose our Service Rental Model.
Zero setup and install and we run your WiFi zone and simply charge you a monthly fee.

Delion WiFi Hotspot for Cafe

Delion has expertise in providing wireless solutions to Hotels, Motels, Apartments, Pubs, Cafes, Airports and other businesses right across Australia. Delion will get your WiFi working!

Delion can provide a free WiFi site evaluation. Talk to us to find out more!
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